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Castaway Island

Castaway Island

Gives you the best vacation getaway you always dreamed about.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Experience the Natural Beauty of Likuliku Lagoon Resort.

Maravu Plantation Resort

Maravu Plantation Resort

Visitors can enjoy the soft flowing waves and cool sea breeze in Maravu Resort.

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    Fiji is a small island nation northeast of New Zealand’s North island and in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. It is originally believed that the islanf of Fiji was formed due to the volcanic eruptions that occurred millions of years ago. Fiji is a beautiful island archipelago that has 110 inhabited islands and more than 500 small islets. The Fiji islands are frequented by tourists and travelers that are interested in experiencing the natural beauty and wonder of an island sanctuary. The Denarau and Nadi islands are the most popularly visited tourist areas in Fiji.

    The archipelago of Fiji is surrounded by a lush coral reef, abundant in marine plants and sea creatures. It is this coral reef that makes Fiji and excellent diving location. Resorts abound the beach area, each with its own magnificent and unobstructed view of the crystal clear waters and soft white sand beaches.

  • Best Time to Dive Fiji

    Fiji has several island highlights that make the dives more amazing and unique each time. The rich marine life taking sanctuary in the majestic coral reef is the main location of live-aboard dive charters in the area while locations closer to the shores are for those who wish to swim by the beach or go snorkeling by the corals. The best time to experience the ocean waters at their finest is during the mid-April season to the month of December, more specifically in May to October where the warm waters are at an average of 25C. Diving however may be experienced all year round as the temperature stays at a 28C average.

  • Getting There and Around

    To get to Fiji, which is in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, take a flight from any international airport to Nadi, the main international airport for locations in Fiji and the Pacific. There are direct or transfer flights available depending on where you book your flight. Tourists can get to the various islands in the Fiji archipelago via a short boat ride to the island of their choice.

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